Emax GF2215/20 Outrunner Brushless Motor

Emax GF2215/20 Outrunner Brushless Motor
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The Emax GF2215/20 is a 2.0 ounce, 400/450 class, 1200kv, 260 watt outrunner brushless motor. It's a good choice for sport planes weighing 15 to 40 ounces. This powerful little motor includes a firewall mount, and can also be mounted on models with 10mm sticks by purchasing an Aluminum Stick Mount .

The GWS 9050 is a good all around prop for this motor, and will provide up to 36 ounces of thrust with a strong 3 cell Lipo battery. The GWS 1060 prop can be used for even higher thrust, and the GWS HD8060 and GWS 9075 props are good choices for high speed models. You will need a 3mm Prop Adapter for mounting a prop, and GWS props must be drilled out to fit on the prop adapter.

We suggest using a 3 cell Lipo battery that is rated for about a 30 amp continuous discharge (or more), such as an 11.1v 1000 30C to 11.1v 2200 35C.

We recommend using a 22A to 40A Electronic Speed Control (ESC) (depending on the prop used) with this motor.

The GF2215/20 does not have connectors installed, but many of our Electronic Speed Controls include connectors for a motor. 

MOUNTING OPTIONS: A firewall mount is included, and an Aluminum Stick Mount(for models with 10mm sticks) is available in our store. Always check the tightness of all motor set screws and motor mount screws when installing motors. The set screws require a 1.5mm Allen wrench.

Propeller Test Data for the Emax GF2215/20 Motor: 
Rotating propellers are dangerous. Please stay clear of prop and wear eye protection.

Battery Size   Propeller Size    Thrust (oz.)  Amps       Notes       
3-Cell 11.1v  APC 10 x 5E  40 oz.  21 amps  
3-Cell 11.1v  GWS 1060  39 oz.  21 amps  
3-Cell 11.1v   APC 9 x 4.5E  34 oz.  17 amps  
3-Cell 11.1v   GWS 9050  36 oz.  17 amps  
3-Cell 11.1v   APC 9 x 6E  36 oz.  21 amps  
3-Cell 11.1v   GWS 9075  30 oz.  24 amps Avoid constant wide open throttle
3-Cell 11.1v   GWS 8040  25 oz.  11 amps  
3-Cell 11.1v   APC 8 x 4E  27 oz.  13 amps  
3-Cell 11.1v   GWS HD8060  27 oz.  16 amps  
3-Cell 11.1v   APC 8 x 6E  27 oz.  19 amps  
3-Cell 11.1v   APC 7 x 6E  20 oz.  12 amps  

Please be aware that the battery used can make a tremendous amount of difference in the performance of brushless motors. The above data was obtained using batteries in good condition that were fully charged. Thrust and amp draw may be less with the use of batteries rated at lower amp output, and slightly more using batteries rated for higher amp output. Other factors, such as ESC timing and variations in actual motor KV can affect the performance of brushless motors as well. We recommend the use of a Watt Meter to test the current draw of your particular power system, especially if you plan to use a prop that pushes the motor near it's maximum amp rating.

Emax GF2215/20 Specifications:

Weight = 2.0 ounces (57 grams)

Diameter = 1.1 inch (28.5 mm)

Motor length = 1.4 inch (35 mm)

Shaft = 3mm x 0.5 inch

Replacement Shaft = 3mm x 47mm

Bearing Size:  3mm x 8mm x 4mm

Voltage = 6.0 - 13.0 volts (2 or 3 cell Lipo)

Current = maximum of 24 amps or 260 watts for 30 seconds

KV = 1200

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