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Emax Replacement Motor Shaft - 3mm x 47mm

Emax Replacement Motor Shaft - 3mm x 47mm

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Part Number:Z-100-01

Replacement motor shaft with no threads that works with Emax CF and GF motors, plus other motors that use a 3mm shaft. 

A shaft with no threads is desirable when you wish to use a prop saver or collet type prop adapter to mount a propeller.

This shaft is designed specifically for the Emax CF2812, CF2822, GF2210 and GF2215 outrunner brushless electric motors, but it will also work with the Emax CF2805 and GF2215 motors, Emax BL2215 motors and  Emax XA2212 motors.

There is a flat spot on the shaft that lines up with the set screw on the Emax CF2812 and CF2822 motors. The flat spot will not line up with the set screws on the other motors listed, but the shaft wotks fine with these motors when threadlock is used on the set screws, and the set screws are tightened securely.

Shaft size is 3mm x 47mm (1.85 inches) 

Motor Shaft Replacement Instructions:

1. Remove the firewall mount or stick mount from the motor. The set screws on the firewall mount usually require a 1.5mm allen wrench. Sometimes the mount comes off easily and sometimes it can be quite difficult to remove.

2. Remove the C-clip at the rear of the motor that retains the shaft. Also remove the washer under the C-clip. Removing this little washer can be the most difficult part of disassembly, as it tends to get hung up in the C-clip groove.

3. Pull the rotor (the outer part with the magnets) off the stator (the inner part with the wire widings). Do this by grasping the motor tube with a pliers where the mount was located, and pull on the rotor with your fingers. There will be resistance from the magnets, so it takes a little effort.

4. At this point the motor is essentially in two pieces - you have the stator with the motor windings, and the rotor (with the magnets) attached to the shaft. Remove the shaft from the rotor by loosening the two set screws on the front of the rotor, then drive the shaft out of the rotor with a hammer and small punch.

5. Once you have the shaft removed from the rotor, simply insert the new shaft, and secure the shaft with the two set screws, making sure that the flat spot on the shaft is lined up under a set screw. 

6. Now put the rotor (with the new shaft) back on the stator and install the washer and C-clip.


4 Stars
the motor shaft fits perfectly. you can also cut them to make a custom fit.
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Reviewed by:  from brooksville. on 5/3/2018
5 Stars
The replacement shaft fit like a glove in the CF282 electric motor. Easy to replace !!!
Did you find this helpful?  1 of 1 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from Lexington. on 3/5/2018
5 Stars
pilot and builder
this 3mm shaft is great for the longer shaft needs ,there hard to find ,sometimes i need to grind the flat spot with my dremel tool if it doesnt line up with the motor im using
Did you find this helpful? 
Reviewed by:  from california. on 8/12/2018

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