HURC 22 Amp Brushless Motor ESC

HURC  22 Amp Brushless Motor ESC
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The HURC 22 amp Electronic Speed Control works with most brushless motors, and comes pre-set for use with 2, 3 and 4 cell Lipo batteries. The built-in 5 volt, 2 amp Battery Elimination Circuit (BEC) will power 3 to 4 sub-micro servos when using a 3 cell Lipo battery. 

The HURC 22 amp ESC comes with 3.5mm female bullet connectors installed. The battery connector is a male T-Plug.

Several programming options can be set with your transmitter or a program card, but no programming is needed for most applications.

Here is a list of the programming options:

1. Motor brake on or off.  Comes pre-set with the brake turned off, so the propeller will spin freely when the plane is gliding (transmitter throttle off).

2. Selection of battery type:  Lipo or NiMh/NiCD. Comes pre-set for use with Lipo batteries, and it auto-detects the number of Lipo cells.

3. Type of motor cut-off: sudden or gradual. Comes pre-set for gradual motor shutdown.

4. Low voltage protection:  low (2.6v per cell), medium (2.85v per cell) and high (3.1v per cell). Comes pre-set for medium Lipo battery protection.

5. Start-up mode:  normal, soft or very soft. Comes pre-set for normal motor startup.

6. Motor timing:  low, medium or high. Comes pre-set for medium timing (outrunner motors with 6 poles or more).

Note:  You will need to set the throttle range on your HURC ESC the first time that you use it.

To set throttle range:

1. Connect the ESC to a motor and receiver.  DO NOT connect a battery yet.

2. Turn on your transmitter and move the throttle stick to the full power position, and set your throttle trim all the way down.

3.  Connect the ESC to a battery.  You will hear two beeps.  Immediately after the two beeps, move the throttle stick to the off position.

4.  You should hear a short series of beeps, and then your ESC is ready to use.

HURC 22 Amp ESC Specifications:

Weight:  0.97 ounce (27.7 grams)

Dimensions:  2.0 x 1.0 x 0.28 inches

Battery:  2 - 4 cell Lipo or 5 - 12 NiMh

Current:  22 amp continuous, 25 amp burst

BEC:  5 volt, 2 amp, linear. Will power 3 to 4 sub-micro servos when using a 3 cell Lipo battery. We recommend clipping the red wire of the receiver plug and using an external BEC when using a 4 cell Lipo.

Safe power on protection (motor will not start if transmitter throttle is in the on position when power is connected) 

Auto motor shutdown if signal is lost

Over-heat protection reduces power output if 110C is reached

Instruction Sheet for HURC 22 Amp ESC (pdf)

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