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Sky Power 10A ESC with Linear BEC

Sky Power 10A ESC with Linear BEC

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Part Number:A-125

The Sky Power 10 amp Electronic Speed Control with Linear BEC works with most brushless motors, and comes pre-set for use with 2 and 3 cell lipo batteries. The built-in 5 volt, 2 amp Linear Battery Elimination Circuit (LBEC) will power 3 to 4 sub-micro servos when using a 3 cell Lipo battery. 

The Sky Power 10 amp ESC comes with 2.0mm female bullet connectors installed. The battery connector is a male JST Connector.

Several programming options can be set with your transmitter or a program card, but no programming is needed for most applications. 

Here is a list of the programming options:

-- Motor brake:  Comes pre-set with the brake on medium, so the propeller will gradually spin to a stop when the plane is gliding (transmitter throttle off). Can be set to medium or no brake using a transmitter. Can be set to hard brake, medium brake or no brake using the program card. 

-- Battery type: Comes pre-set for use with LiPo batteries. Can be set for LiFe or NiMh with a transmitter or program card.

-- Low voltage protection: Comes pre-set for motor cut-off at 3.0 volts per cell (using LiPo batteries). Can be set for 2.8v per cell, 3.0v per cell, or 3.20v per cell with a program card. There are three voltage cut-off choices for both LiFe and NiMh batteries

-- Type of motor cut-off: Comes pre-set for gradual motor shutdown. Can be set to sudden shut down using the program card.

-- Acceleration:  slow, medium or fast Comes pre-set for medium acceleration. Acceleration can be set to slow, medium or fast using the program card 

-- Motor timing:  low, high or automatic timing Comes pre-set for automatic timing, which is suitable for most brushless motors. The timing can be set to high or automatic with a transmitter. The timing can be set to low, high or automatic with a program card.

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