14.8v 1800mah 50C EZ Flite Pro Lipo Battery w/ T-Plug

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This high power 4-cell Lipo works well with many medium to large park flyers, and is a good choice for aerobatic and 3D models where maximum output at minimum weight is desired.

The EZ Flite Pro 14.8v 1800 50C Lipo can also be used in 25 to 50 size models when two of them are hooked together with a Parallel Battery T-Plug Harness. Connecting two of these batteries in parallel results in an 14.8v 3600 mah 180 amp Lipo.

14.8v 1800mah 50C Lipo Specifications:

Dimensions:  4.50 x 1.31 x 1.06 inches

Weight:  6.2 ounces (175.767 grams)

Output:  90 amps continuous @ 50C, 180 amp burst @ 100C

Connectors:  A T-Plug connector is installed. The balance connector is the JST XH series 4 pin with 2.5mm pin spacing. This balance connector is also used on 3E Model, Align, BatteryHobby, Common Sense RC version 2, DualSky, Dynam, Electric Power, Esky, Fully Max, GE Power, Great Planes Electrify, Hextronic, HiModel, Hobby Loong, Horizon E-flite, Imax, Mega Power, Mystery, Parkzone, Protek, RadicalRC, Rhino, Turborix, Vampower, Venom, Walkera, X-Caliber, and Zippy Lipos. This list is subject to revision, and we do not guaranty it's accuracy. If you find an error on this list, please contact us.

Please read and observe all safety precautions provided with this battery before using or charging. This battery must only be charged with a battery charger designed for Lithium Polymer batteries. Never charge Lithium Polymer batteries at a rate greater than 1C. This means that this Lipo MUST NOT be charged at a rate greater than 1800 milliamps (1.8 amps). Always charge Lipo batteries on a fireproof surface, and never leave unattended while charging.

Lithium Polymer batteries hold a large amount of energy and must be respected. Discharging or charging at an improper rate will cause excessive heat which can damage the battery, or even cause a fire! Your use of this product means that you accept full responsibility for any consequences.

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