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Gift Certificate FAQ:

When you purchase a gift certificate, a gift certificate code is emailed to the gift certificate recipient that you specify when purchasing the gift certificate.  

-- If you enter your own email address, the code will be sent to you (and you will receive a separate invoice receipt)  

-- If you enter the email address of someone that you are purchasing the gift certificate for, the code is sent to that person (you as the purchaser will receive a separate invoice receipt)

There is no physical product associated with this product; no paper gift certificate or plastic card is issued or shipped.  The gift certificate code issued to the recipient is the gift certificate. 

Gift certificates do not have an expiration date.

Gift certificates have no cash redemption value and may only be used as an instrument for purchasing products from our web store.

When used for purchases in our web store, gift certificates are valid as cash; they may be used for the total purchase of products as well as applicable taxes and shipping fees.

To use a gift certificate, enter the gift certificate code into the "coupon" field during checkout; the gift certificate will be validated and the balance will be displayed.  Once the purchase transaction is complete, the shopping total will display the amount paid by the gift certificate.  If the shopping cart total is greater than the balance of the gift certificate, the remaining balance will be shown and may be paid by any of our normal payment methods (PayPal, Credit Card, or Check/Money Order).  If the balance of the gift certificate is greater than the shopping cart total, the certificate will cover the entire purchase and the remaining gift certificate balance will be displayed. 

Our gift certificate codes are identified by the prefix "GC" followed by a series of 5-7 numbers (e.g., GC0000000)

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