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Battery Pairings: Series vs Parallel

Posted by Jodi A. on 1/12/2018 to Batteries
Battery Pairings: Series vs Parallel

What does it mean to run batteries in series or in parallel? Why would pilots do that? The short answer to the second question is: because they don’t want to buy a bigger battery. The first question requires some explanation.

The Dos & Don'ts of Lipo Battery Care

Posted by Jodi A. on 7/18/2017 to Batteries
The lifespan of your battery can be lengthened through proper care. Remember: Lipo batteries are FLAMMABLE. No one wants to start their workbench/garage/house on fire, so let's take a look at what we should and should not do with our batteries.

12 Steps to Safely Charging a Lipo Battery

Posted by Jodi A. on 7/1/2017 to Batteries
Congratulations! You just bought a new batteryIt’s up to you to get it flight-ready. Charging batteries is not difficult, but you must follow specific steps to avoid damage to the battery and danger to yourself. 

4 Steps to Choosing a Battery

Posted by Jodi A. on 6/27/2017 to Batteries
The battery is an integral part of your power system. Choosing the right one means the difference between not getting your plane off the ground (too little power) and burning out your motor (too much power). So how do you figure out what you need?