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Emax MT2206 1900kv Motor - CCW Thread

Emax MT2206 1900kv Motor - CCW Thread

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The Emax MT2206 is a 1900kv motor designed for use on multi-copters.  This motor is capable of producing up to 15.52 ounces (440g) of thrust with a 6030(6x3) carbon-fiber propeller.  This version of the Emax MT2206 1900kv motor is designed to rotate clockwise (CW) when used on a multi-copter.  

The Emax MT2206 motor comes with an integrated rotor-end prop adapter threaded counter-clockwise.  This motor must be wired to rotate clockwise; the counter-clockwise threading of the prop shaft prevents the prop nut from loosening during flight due to propeller torque resistance. 

The Emax MT2206 motor does not come with connectors installed.  A variety of motor wire connectors are available for sale in our store. 

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