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Emax MT2808 850kv Motor - CCW Thread

Emax MT2808 850kv Motor - CCW Thread

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The Emax MT2808 is a 850kv motor designed for use on multi-rotor aircraft.  This motor is capable of producing up to 30 ounces of thrust with an APC 11 x 4.7SF propeller on a 3 cell lipo (and up to 40 ounces with an Emax 1045 carbon fiber prop on a 4 cell).  The accessory kit for the Emax MT2808 motor includes a rotor-end prop adapter with a threaded shaft and prop nut designed to mount regular center-bore propellers, as well as a rotor end prop adapter for mounting 3-hole carbon fiber propellers, plus mounting hardware.

This version of the MT2808 motor is designed to rotate clockwise when used on a multi-copter.

This motor must be wired to rotate clockwise; the counter-clockwise threading of the prop shaft prevents the prop nut from loosening during flight due to propeller torque resistance.  If the motor is wired to spin in the opposite direction of the one specified, the torque resistance may cause the prop nut to loosen and come off, resulting in loss of the propeller and subsequent flight failure.

The Emax MT2808 motor does not come with connectors installed.  A variety of motor wire connectors are available for sale in our store. 

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