Emax RC305 200mw 5.8GHz 8 Channel Wireless AV Receiver

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The Emax RC305 200mw 5.8GHz 8 Channel AV Receiver is a lightweight, compact audio/video receiver for medium-range FPV.  The receiver operates on 12v DC and includes a power cable with a DC connector on one end (to connect to the receiver) and a red JST plug on the other end, which will connect to any 11.1v (3S) lipo battery with an opposing JST connector.  (JST to T-Plug Adapters are also available so that higher-capacity lipo batteries can be used for greater run time).  


  • Eight Channels
  • Low Harmonic Radiation
  • DC Power Cable Included
  • AV Output Cable Included

Working Frequencies:
  • CH1: 5705
  • CH2: 5685
  • CH3: 5665
  • CH4: 5645
  • CH5: 5885
  • CH6: 5905
  • CH7: 5925
  • CH8: 5945

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