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Emax XA2212-820kv Outrunner Brushless Motor

Emax XA2212-820kv Outrunner Brushless Motor

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The Emax XA2212-820kv is a 1.8 oz., 140 watt 400 class motor that is a good choice for small parkflyers including 3D profile foamies.  

The Emax XA2212-820kv motor can be mounted in front of a firewall using the included x-mount.  It can also be mounted on a 10mm stick using an Aluminum Outrunner Mount for 10mm Sticks.   

The Emax XA2212-820kv motor includes a 3.0mm prop adapter, and can alternately accommodate a Prop Saver for 3.0mm shaft (sold separately). 

The Emax XA2212-820kv motor does not have connectors installed, but a set of 3.5mm connectors and shrink tube is packaged with the motor.

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