Firepower 450 Slofly 900kv Outrunner Brushless Motor

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The Firepower 450 Slofly (2836-09) is a 2.6 oz, 900KV direct drive outrunner brushless motor capable of producing 36 oz of thrust from a 3-cell Lipo battery.  This is a '450 class', 200 watt, brushless motor that weighs less than a speed 400 brushed/geared motor, but provides about twice the thrust! It is roughly equivalent to .10 to .15 size two stroke glow engines.

The Firepower 450 Slofly is best used on slow to medium speed planes. I installed this motor on a GWS Slow Stick, and used the APC 11x5.5E prop and 11.1v 1500 30C Lipo. The Slow Stick climbed straight up easily, and the top speed was very manageable. Many people add a camera mount and strengthen the wing of the Slow Stick for AP work, and I suggest using this power set up to handle the extra weight. I recommend using the Aluminum Stick Mount B to mount the Firepower 450 Slofly on the Slow Stick.

If you have a 3D model in the 16 to 26 oz range, the Firepower 450 Slofly will do an excellent job using using the same power set up. And if you want a little more speed for a sport model, use the GWS EP1170 propeller.

Good battery choices for the Firepower 450 Slofly include 11.1v 1300 30C, 11.1v 1500 30C and 11.1v 2200 30C Lipos.

I recommend using a 20A or 30A ESC with the Firepower 450 Slofly motor.

The Firepower 450 Slofly comes with 3.5mm male connectors installed, and female connectors and shrink tube are included.

MOUNTING OPTIONS: The Firepower 450 Slofly can be mounted in front of a firewall using the 2800 series 'X' mount and the 2800 series rotor end prop adapter, which are included with the motor. You can also mount it behind a firewall, and a 4mm prop adapter can be purchased to mount a prop on the motor shaft. The GWS Plastic Outrunner Mount can be purchased to mount the Firepower 450 Slofly on a 10mm stick.

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