On Top of the World RC Flyer Club has been a supporter of our business for several years. We were honored to vend at and sponsor their spring event on Saturday, April 23rd. There were some neat surprises that made the event a fun and unique time.

A group of students from Columbia University traveled to Ocala, FL to maiden their experimental RC plane. Unfortunately, they were never able to take off.

The college students gather around their aircraft.

A group of young male pilots demonstrated their incredible talent with large aircraft. Most of the planes were gas-powered, but Blake showed them what an electric-powered aircraft can do.

The wind tried to kick up, but everyone still had a great time flying. Our tent had a perfect view of the field, and we got to enjoy the beautiful planes and phenomenal talent of the flyers, young and old.

Our thanks to On Top of the World for hosting a fantastic event and allowing us to be apart of it. 

If you would like us to vend at (local events only) or sponsor your event, please contact Jodi at [email protected] Availability is limited and is on a first-come, first-serve basis.