FunJet/FunJet Ultra Aluminum Motor Mount

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The FunJet / FunJet Ultra Aluminum Motor Mount is a direct swap with the stock plastic mount. The alignment tab has been machined into the mount to keep thrust angle adjustments accurate. Simply bolt on and you are ready to fly.

Two step installation:

  1. Attach new motor to aluminum mount with the supplied screws
  2. Attach entire assembly to the jet using the supplied mounting and thrust adjustment screws
Included in Package: 

  • 1 -FunJet / FunJet Ultra Aluminum Motor Mount
  • 4 -motor mounting screws (M3x0.50x6mm)
  • 3 - mount / thrust adjustment screws (M3x0.50x16mm).
Total Package Weight: 0.282 ounces (8 grams)

Compatible Motors:
  • Power Up 450 Jet Outrunner Brushless Motor
  • 28mm inrunners
  • 36mm inrunners
  • 28 to 35mm outrunners
  • Motors included in Multiplex Power Packs
  • Mega 16/xx series motors
Acceptable bolt patterns (units in mm):

16x16, 16x19, 19x19, 19x25, 25x25

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