HURC 300 'Blue Wonder' 1300kv Brushless Motor

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The HURC 300 'Blue Wonder' 1300kv is a 0.9 ounce, 300 class, 1300kv direct drive outrunner motor that works well a a wide variety of small foam models.  It is designed for use with 2 and 3 cell lipo batteries.

This version  of the HURC 300 'Blue Wonder' 1300kv is blue and silver, and it's a small, lightweight, direct drive outrunner motor with BIG power. Weighing just under 1 ounce, it's about the same weight as the GWS IPS system, but can produce about 3 times the thrust! We first test flew this motor on a GWS Corsair using a small 3-cell Lipo and the GWS 9050 prop. The performance really surprised us - the climb rate was close to vertical, and the Corsair was extremely manueverable due to the very light weight. But a GWS Warbird isn't really the best application for this motor. Where it really shines is in small, very lightweight models that normally use the IPS system. Put the HURC 300 'Blue Wonder' 1300kv in a GWS Pico Cub or Pico Tiger Moth and you'll have a real 'floater' with plenty of power for steep climb outs. Or use it in a little Combat profile plane and out-manuever and out-climb the competiton!

A good ESC choice for use with this motor is the Sky Power 10A ESC.

The HURC 300  'Blue Wonder' 1300kv comes without connectors installed.  We suggest using 2.0mm bullet connectors, as they will pair with the female connectors on the Sky Power ESC.  2.0mm connector pairs are available for sale in our store, but the Sky Power 10A ESC comes with a set of 3 male 2.0mm bullet connectors that can be soldered to your motor wires.

If you are pushing the motor near it's maximum amp rating (10 amps) using a 3 cell Lipo, we suggest using an 20 amp ESC.  If you use a 20 amp ESC, you will need to use 3.5mm bullet connectors for your motor wires.

MOUNTING OPTIONS:  An x-mount is included,

PROP MOUNTING:  A 3mm Prop Saver is included with the motor for mounting a prop, or you can purchase a 3mm prop adapter.

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