HURC 300 'Blue Wonder' 1600kv Brushless Motor

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The HURC 300 'Blue Wonder' 1600kv is a 0.9 ounce, 300 class, 1600kv direct drive outrunner motor that works well a a wide variety of small foam models.  It is designed for use with 2 and 3 cell lipo batteries.

This motor does not come with connectors installed.  We suggest using 2.0mm connectors, sold separately.

The HURC 300 'Blue Wonder' 1600kv works well with the HURC 10 Amp ESC, and this makes a good combination for very light applications. Spare male and female 2.0mm connectors are sold separately in our store.

If you are pushing the motor near it's maximum amp rating (10 amps) using a 3 cell Lipo, we suggest using an 18 or 22 amp ESC.

MOUNTING OPTIONS:  A x-mount is included.

PROP MOUNTING:  A 3mm Prop Saver is included with the motor for mounting a prop, or you can purchase a 3mm prop adapter.

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