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Hifei USB Programming Link for PC

Hifei USB Programming Link for PC

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This is the USB Programming Link for Hifei ESCs.  

To use the USB Programming Link, you must first download the Hifei v4.11 programming software from the Hifei website an install it on your PC:

The software will download as a compressed .rar file.  You will need an extraction program to open files with this extension.  I have found that 7-Zip is an excellent extraction program for these file types.  

*Please Note:  The default driver for this software is configured for a 32-bit operating system, but the directory folder does include a driver for a 64-bit system.  After installing the Hifei v4.11 software from the above link, locate the Hifei V4.11 directory folder on your hard drive -- this should be C:\Program Files (x86)\HiFei V4.11 -- and install the 64-bit driver (CP210xVCPInstaller_x64).

After you have both the software and driver installed, open the Hifei v4.11 program (it should appear in your program list; the installation also places a shortcut on your desktop).  The first time that you open the software, you will have to assign the correct port for the USB Linker; this will probably be COM3.  Once you have assigned the port, connect the USB Link to your USB input and connect your three-wire ESC cable to the other end of the USB Link (note polarity as illustrated on the top of the USB Link).  Finally, click on "Open Device", and the program will open the programming parameters.

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