MPI Digital Servo Reverser

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This servo reverser plugs in between the receiver and the servo to reverse the servo direction.  This is useful for radio systems that do not allow reversing of particular servos, like flaps or dual elevator installations.  

Two buttons are provide to adjust the center position of the reversed servo.  When the receiver is set for center, the LED on the reverser board will light.  Pressing either one of the buttons on the reverser will step the servo one step in either of those directions.  Click the button for fine adjustment, or hold down the button to step the servo in larger increments.  Be sure to avoid moving the center excessively and over-travelling the servo.

This reverser provides signal amplification and filtering.  While every effort is made to make this unit compatible with all radio systems, compatibility issues with some combinations of equipment are always possible.  Be sure to read the instructions included with the unit, and check for proper servo operation before flying your aircraft.


Digital Servo Reverser is 13.5 inches long, plug to plug, and features "S" type connectors for the servo and receiver.*  Wire colors are:  Brown = Negative, Red = Positive, Orange = Signal

*If you wish to plug in a servo with a Futaba "J" type male connector, you can simply shave off the little plastic ridge on the side of the "J" connector, and it will fit in the female connector on this extension.

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