MPI No Spark High Current Arming Switch with 12 gauge wire

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This handy switch is a must for high voltage applications (8 cells and higher). 

The switch installs on the outside fuselage of a model plane, and features male and female Dean's connectors (t-plugs) to complete the connection between your battery and ESC, as well as a push-button primer switch.  The switch itself consists of a jumper between negative and positive Anderson Power Pole connectors, and a push-button switch linked into the positive leads on both the battery side and ESC side of the switch. 

With the jumper removed, there is no power to the ESC.  Prior to inserting the jumper, press and hold the primer switch for 2-3 sec to charge the capacitors with limited current.  This will eliminates the nasty arching when the arming plug jumper is plugged into a the arming switch (power connection between the battery and ESC is established with the arming plug jumper in place.

Here is a video that shows what the switch does and how it is used:

Wire size is 12 gauge. 

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