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Make a Wish: How to Use “My Wish List”

Posted by Jodi A. on 3/22/2018 to Site
Make a Wish: How to Use “My Wish List”
Did you see a product you would like to have but don't want to purchase yet? Does your family need some ideas for your birthday or Christmas presents? Add items to your wish list!

1. Log into your account. On your account page, you can view your lists under "My Wish List."

Clicking on View Details will bring you to a list of your Wish Lists, but first, you need to create one.

2. Click into the listing of an item that you would like to add to your wish list.

     a. Click "Add to Wish List."

     b. Select a title for your list and click "Add to List." You will be redirected to the details of your list. You can choose to keep your list private or make it public. You can update the quantity of the item you have chosen or buy it directly from your list. Click Save after making any changes.

3. You can create more than one list. Follow Steps 2a-b. When you click "Add to List," you will see a pop-up window that will give you the choice of choosing an existing list or creating a new one.

Earlier I mentioned that you can make your lists private or public. "Stuff I Want" is a public list that Jane Doe wishes to share with her friends and family.

When you choose to make a list public, you will get a link that you can copy and paste into an email or message to send to your friends and family. Make sure to click Save after making any changes to your list.

Clicking "back to my lists" will take you to a list of your lists.

Now that you have more than one list, you will have the option of adding another item to one of your lists. After clicking "Add to Wish List" in the item listing, click the drop down box of "Existing list" and choose a list. Click "Add to List."

You can add items that are temporarily out of stock to your list. (Remember to put yourself on the waiting list to be notified by email when an item comes back into stock.) If an item is discontinued, it will automatically be removed from your list.

Wish lists are a great way to organize the items that you want to purchase and share them with your loved ones. However, if they don't want to buy from your list, you can always remind them that we sell gift certificates

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