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Make an Offer, Save BIG

Posted by Jodi A. on 2/9/2018 to Site

Need an item to get you up and flying, but it’s a little out of your price range? Make us an offer and save!

What is the Make an Offer option?

Select items will now a feature a “Make an offer” option, which will allow you to suggest your own price for the product. If your offer is accepted, you will pay that price.

How do I make an offer?

1. Go to the listing of the item for which you would like to make an offer.
The listing will show the regular retail price. In the list of gray buttons below the “Add to Cart” button, click on “Make an Offer.”

2. A new window will pop up. (Make sure your browser settings allow pop-ups on our site.)

     A. You are required to fill in all fields marked with an asterisk. Type in your offer price in the “New Offer” box.
     B. If you are logged into your account, the “Name” and “Email” boxes will automatically populate. Otherwise, fill them in.
     C. You can leave a comment, but it is not required.
     D. Complete “Verification.”
     E. Click “Submit Offer.”

3. You will receive an automatic email, notifying you that your offer has been received. It will list the details of your offer, including the date and time you submitted it, the product name, and your offer price.

4. You will receive another email within a few minutes, notifying you that your offer was accepted or declined. If your offer was accepted, the email will include a link to the item. The offer will expire after 72 hours.

5. Click the link in the email. You will be redirected to the listing on the website. The listing will display your offered price as the price of the item.


6. Click “Add to cart” and complete your transaction.

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