Power Up 10 Speed 1450kv Outrunner Brushless Motor

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The Power Up 10 Speed (2814/6T) is a 3.8 ounce 1450kv, 475 watt outrunner brushless motor that is equivalent in power to .20 to .25 two stroke glow engines. This motor includes an X mount and prop adapter!

3.5mm male connectors come installed on this motor, and 3.5mm female connectors are included for an ESC.

The Power Up 10 Speed is a good choice on many warbirds and the Eflite Mini Ultra Stick for high performance flying, and is also a good choice for some larger pusher type models where prop size is limited. 

We recommend using a 40A to 60A Electronic Speed Control (ESC) with this motor.

Good battery choices for the Power Up 480 Speed would be any of our 3 cell 2200 mah to 3300 mah Lipos.

MOUNTING OPTIONS: The Power Up 480 Speed includes an X mount that makes it easy to mount in front of a firewall. A 4.0mm Prop Adapter is included for mounting props.

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