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Prop Adapter for 2.0mm Shaft - Collet Type

Prop Adapter for 2.0mm Shaft - Collet Type

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Part Number:D-220
This collet type aluminum Prop Adapter fits 2.0mm motor shafts, and has a 4.3mm x 1/2" shank. It works well with APC 'slow fly' props and the smaller APC 'E' props. The larger APC 'E' props are a marginal fit on this adapter due to their thicker hubs and the relatively short shank on this adapter. APC props usually include a 4.3mm adapter bushing that allows them to fit this adapter shank.

GWS props will have to be drilled out to 4.3mm (11/64") and the hubs filed down on the larger sizes in order to fit on this adapter.

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