Servo Y-Harness - 2.5" Light Duty 32 Gauge Wire

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This 2.5 inch servo "Y" harness has a universal male "S" type (also called JR) connector, and two female Futaba "J" type connectors that accept both the "J" and "S" type male connectors.

A "Y" harness is generally used to control two aileron servos with a single channel of the receiver. This Y harness is a good choice for small parklyers and indoor models where the lightest possible weight is desired. It works well with sub micro servos (about 9 gram) or smaller.

This harness will plug into most receivers, including Futaba, JR, Spektrum, GWS, Cirrus, Blue Bird, Blue Arrow, Corona, Berg and Hitec.

The wire is 32 guage, and colors are: Red = battery positive Brown = battery negative Orange = signal.

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