Sky Power 80A ESC with Switchmode BEC

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The Sky Power 80 amp Electronic Speed Control with switchmode BEC works with most brushless motors and can be used with LiPo, LiFe and NiMh batteries. It comes preset for use with 2 to 6 cell LiPo batteries, and auto detects the number of cells. No programming changes are needed for most applications. The built-in 6 amp Switchmode Battery Elimination Circuit (SBEC) will power up to 9 standard size servos or 12 sub-micro servos, eliminating the need for a separate BEC or receiver battery pack. This ESC has a T-Plug battery connector and 4mm female bullet connectors installed, and comes with a ribbed heat sink for good heat dissipation.

Several programming options can be set with your transmitter or a Sky Power ESC Program Card.

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