Tri-County RC Club in Dunnellon, FL welcomed us warmly at their Big Bird Fly-In. We gave away pilot prizes and served customers all morning. The sun stuck around long enough for the pilots to get some good flying done before the wind picked up. 

In our experience, most clubs have a raffle for a prize or two and announce the winners all at once. This club decided to do it a little differently and called names throughout the morning. It kept everyone on their toes, and ticket sales were brisk. We donated a GT Power LED lighting system, a Cessna EPP RC Model Airplane 960mm kit, Dubro Tru-Spin Prop Balancer, and a $10.00 gift certificate. 





Congratulations to all the winners!

Another unique feature of this fly-in event was the addition of a simulator. Young and old alike tried their hand at flying, and I think we had a couple of converts.

A son watches his father fly. The kid spent a lot of time at the simulator.

Overall, we had a great time with great people! Thank you, Tri-County RC Club, especially CD John, for making us feel so welcome and supporting our business. We look forward to participating in your next event!

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