The first of our five event weekends in a row was a rousing success! We had a great time with the Flying Gators, whose field is located just outside of Gainesville, FL. Check out pictures and videos from the Warbirds in the Sun Fly-in.

This customer called earlier in the week for a motor recommendation for converting a gas plane, and Jesse brought him two to look at. We love going the extra mile for our great customers!

A pilot has his planes ready to go

This plane was part of the swap meet

Pat DeCarlis makes a few last minute adjustments

Jesse: Making customers happy since 2010

Congratulations to Gary, winner of the raffled Cessna and power pack!

We love customer testimonies, and Nick DeCarlis gave us a great one. Check out what products from our store that he's put in his warbirds.

Thank you to everyone who organized and attended the Warbirds in the Sun event hosted by the Flying Gators in Archer, FL. The Flying Gators club is part of our Affiliate Program.

If you would like us to support your event, contact Jodi at [email protected] Sponsorships are limited and are first come, first serve.